What no Status Bar?

The status bar is a jolly handy part of the excel spreadsheet window. I’m sure you use it all the time and would miss it terribly if it disappeared. Well I do and it did! It’s easy enough to get back provided you know what its called but how many of you can point to the status bar right now?

So the status bar is right at the bottom of the spreadsheet window, it acts as a sort of message bar but also has some great short cut features. It enables you to perform a single calculation on a range of highlighted cells – so typically you would select a few cells and then read the Sum of the values on the Status Bar. If you right click on the status bar you can select a host of different calculation such as min, max, average ……

Looks like the status bar is even more whizzy in Excel 2007 as you can select multiple calculations to show up for each selection.
Anyways, if you lose the status bar, head to the View menu and make sure the Status Bar option is ticked. Easy, but only if you know its name. It took me ages to find it as I had to wade through about a 1000 google results for the query: “Sum selected range in bottom of excel screen”.

Status Bar

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  • Dan

    I agree the status bar is very useful but one thing i have scoured the web for is a keyboard shortcut to bring up the sum, average etc options. do you know how to do this?

  • admin

    I don’t think there is a keyboard shortcut relating to the status bar. The following site has some good info on the status bar and some interesting links: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/statusbar.htm

  • h

    is it confirmed that it’s not possible to get the value display on the status bar?