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I’ve been a little disappointed with the latest update to the WordPress 2 iPhone app for blogging on the fly.

Not that I blog on the fly that much but I do like to fiddle around with drafts while I’m at work (lunch time only of course) and it’s the draft functionality that appears to be up the spout for WordPress2.

Time to try Blogpress which promises some useful functionality such as support for picassa and Flickr web albums, image upload to your blog server, support for landscape mode and posting to multiple blogs and blog platforms. It also supports drafts which is why I’m here in my local caff, tapping away at a review of sorts.

You’ll be able to make your own aesthetic judgements when the post is published. I am able to position the photos in amongst my text (so not just at the end as with WP2) but I don’t think I can control allignment or output size and I haven’t yet found a preview option.

Here’s a shot of the writing screen. If I rotate to landscape mode the ability to scroll is hampered by the presence of images – it gets stuck and doesn’t show the image.

Scrolling is fine in portrait mode though and I’m typing away quite happily.

Tags and categories are easily accessible and I think I can create new ones from the edit screen. iPhone is a new tag so I’ll check for it after publishing.

I’ve found this post a doddle to create so I better publish it and get back to work.

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Location:Balham High Rd,Wandsworth,United Kingdom

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  • admin

    I’ve used the app quite a bit now and find it particularly useful for uploading photos onto my blog for editing later.

    The app has proved to be very stable and I haven’t lost any work yet, even when I’ve received a call while typing.

    Image upload can be slow but then I have terrible reception from my office.

    I haven’t yet fathomed out how to publish to multiple blogs yet though. Has anyone else managed?