It’s Not Just The Bike

Even the kids have taken to pointing out my profligate ways. No. 2 child said the other day

“but it’s not just the bike Angela, it’s all the bike related stuff!”

I feel somewhat victimised in the house, they just haven’t let me forget my last purchase of the “special sponge”.

“Is it a ‘special’ sponge Angela?”

“Yes, it’s a bloody special sponge, it’s got space for your fingers!”

And it is a special sponge, not only does it have finger spaces for cleaning spokey bits in your wheels and protecting your knuckles from graze injuries but it also has a special top for driving all the suds down and onto your bike. I don’t know how I was supposed to resist and it only cost 3 times as much as the standard variety.

I blame the scheming, thieving, marketing types, they shouldn’t be able to prey on people like me. It’s too easy, they just have to mention words like micro, multi, special and I’m reaching for my credit card.

Here’s my latest must have purchase. Apparently they are perfect for building a show quality shine on your chrome work. You can use them new or used and you get 40 sheets in a pack.
That’s got to be 3 years worth and they only cost £1.25.

I’m thinking I might keep the purchase a secret from the family until they’ve forgotten the sponge.

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  • LOL You make me laugh! I so can relate to this! It never stops, does it. However, I don’t have to keep those a secret (unless I’m feeling guilty for something and don’t want hubby to find out) but then it becomes a ‘What else?’ later, when he see the new item. Then I can say: “Oh that? That’s like totally old, I got that like a few weeks ago..” With that I’m off the hook. He’s easy to get along with. My other family doesn’t care what I do… they leave me alone. Except for my dad, he doesn’t even know I ride. I’m scared to tell him, for fear he’ll get his lanky butt on a plane, fly over here from Germany and personally kick my butt and take my motorcycle key and sell the thing on craigslist for $50. Ha! I want to tell him, I really do, because I want him to be proud of me, but he wouldn’t understand how far I’ve come, so I leave it be. *sigh*

    One of these days a ‘Busa photo is going to slip by our censorship run when we send him pictures, and then there’s going to be a tribunal, I’m sure.

  • Gave me the biggest smile today. Bike-related stuff keeps sneaking into my cart too 🙂

  • What’s funny? A motorcyclist can never have enough blue linens!