Classic Bike Restoration

Assembling a Campagnolo Frictional Gear Shifter Thumbnail

Assembling a Campagnolo Frictional Gear Shifter

I had a slight moment of panic when I recieved in the post a set of vintage Campagnolo C Record downtube shifters for the Walvale classic bike restoration. They came in no less than 18 teeny pieces and as they were vintage they didn't come with an easy to follow assembly instruction manual. After 15 [...]

Restoring a Classic Bike Thumbnail

Restoring a Classic Bike

My new project arrived in a box last night. It's a thing of beauty but is destined to cause cursing and consternation in the household. I'm not known for my mechanical skills but I am known for flitting from one project to the next with only a book for guidance. The book didn't help me [...]