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WordPress and the White Screen of Death

I can't help dabbling with the design of my wordpress site, a new plugin or a design tweak here and there. I have a few wins, usually with incremental improvements in my blog layout but it still feels like I'm walking a tightrope.

We are all just one save away from the white screen of death which wipes out your wordpress site and all access to your wp-admin control. There is no miraculous undo button and hitting the back button on your browser my make you feel momentarily relieved but it will all be for nought. Your wordpress site is kaput!

This happened to me again today and left me sick to the pit of my stomach. [...]

Blogpress iPhone App

I've been a little disappointed with the latest update to the Wordpress 2 iPhone app for blogging on the fly. Not that I blog on the fly that much but I do like to fiddle around with drafts while I'm at work (lunch time only of course) and it's the draft functionality that appears to [...]