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It’s Not Just The Bike

Even the kids have taken to pointing out my profligate ways. No. 2 child said the other day "but it's not just the bike Angela, it's all the bike related stuff!" I feel somewhat victimised in the house, they just haven't let me forget my last purchase of the "special sponge". "Is it a 'special' [...]


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Rides Like a Big Girl’s Blouse

Excessive use of "comfort aids" aka heated grips, combined with very short commutes leaves my Bonneville struggling to start up. So I'm stranded in London on a rainy night, waiting for the RAC to come and jump start my flat battery.


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Outlook 2007 – Creating Search Folders for Combined Categories

How to create a custom search folder in Microsoft Outlook 2007 that shows mail categorised in more than one specified category. A combined category search folder using the logical AND rather than the OR operator.

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Pillion Debut plus Screaming and Aggression

I followed the bike dropping incident with a whole host of other bike related ball’s ups but two weeks have passed and I’m still here relatively unscathed so I think my biker chick pieces must gradually be falling into place. 4 mile commutes are barely worth getting togged up for but the miles add up [...]


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Instructions for Setting up Outlook 2007 for GTD

I’m moving to a new job soon and wanted to take the opportunity to set up the new email system in line with GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology.

Here’s my checklist for setting up the new system on Outlook 2007.
Most tips and code are taken from Simon Guest over at Simon Says but I’ve amended the code (very slightly) to suit my particular needs and naming conventions. For further details and descriptions please follow the links to his blog where I’ve listed them.

1. Create Folders at same level as Inbox


2. Create Macro for categorising and assigning email as task:

To create a new task from an email, select the email, run the NewTask macro, choose categories and at least one @CATEGORY, in my case @ACTION. Then you can choose to rename the subject title - this will become the new task.

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Hill Horror

The calendar entry for Saturday read “Pick up Bike”, I couldn’t have realized quite how literal that reminder would prove to be. I like riding bikes but I have a severe and disabling bike parking phobia. I always have had. I took the first bike I had, out on a trip to Matlock – motorbike [...]


Big Betty’s Bonnie

The discovery that “I was too short for BMW” floored me, but as the t-shirt says, Fat Bikers Bounce Better. I bounced back quick smart and found myself sitting comfortably astride a Triumph Bonneville the very next day. The 2009 Bonnie has been shrunk by a whole inch and must now be at least two [...]


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All the Gear, No Idea

I've been acquiring gear for my latest obsession at a fair rate of knots and the pile of trammel in the hall is now reaching embarrassing proportions. I've sourced fat bikers trousers, extortionately priced yet rather swanky bad ass biker jackets, helmets, special socks, neckerchiefs, outdoor bike covers and locks. Quite frankly I'm the best [...]