VBA Snippets – Sorting Arrays and Random Selection

The blog post sounds a little Darwinian but I'm afraid it's just a dull selection of VBA code that enables you to sort one array on the basis of values from another. A double sorting array. I've amended array sorting code from John Walkenbach and Anthony's VBA Tutorials to create something I can understand. The [...]


VBA Snippets to Sort Arrays in VBA

Here's another VBA snippet post. I find it handy to have a store of regularly used macros on the blog so I can access them at any time, not that I need them that often of course. These particular snippets are useful routines for sorting arrays and can be called from other procedures. I've taken [...]


Top 5 iPhone Word Games

I've been devouring word games over the last few weeks and found myself dreaming obsessively about 4-letter word combinations. Now it's time to relax and to bring you my review of the Top 5 iPhone word games of all time. In my quest I've come across some awful games and some that just didn't quite make if [...]


Top 5 iPhone Games

I thought I'd share my recommendations for what to fill your new iPhones and iPod touch machines with, starting with my take on the top 5 iPhone game applications available from the iTunes store. My games screen tends to change fairly regularly as I drop the duff purchases and curse the reviews that led me [...]

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Blogpress iPhone App

I've been a little disappointed with the latest update to the Wordpress 2 iPhone app for blogging on the fly. Not that I blog on the fly that much but I do like to fiddle around with drafts while I'm at work (lunch time only of course) and it's the draft functionality that appears to [...]

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3 Twitter Tools to Test

Here are 3 tools to enhance your twitter experience. Let me know if you use them already or have found better ways to achieve the same functionality. I currently let friendfeed handle the linking of flickr uploads to twitter but it’s not ideal. FF alerts the world to my first uploaded image in any batch [...]


VBA Snippets to Delete Rows in Excel Thumbnail

VBA Snippets to Delete Rows in Excel

I regularly use simple macros to delete blank rows in my excel spreadsheets and there are loads of examples on internet forums. I've recently had to recreate these delete row macros to install on a new computer and thought it would be useful to keep them filed here on the blog. This first macro will [...]


Conditional Ranking in Excel – RankIF using SumProduct Thumbnail

Conditional Ranking in Excel – RankIF using SumProduct

I was hunting around for a RANKIF function yesterday so I could rank a load of hospitals in terms of their cost per procedure. Unfortunately RANKIF isn’t one of the available functions but I managed to achieve the same effect by utilising the SUMPRODUCT function. I wrote a SUMPRODUCT tutorial some time ago indicating how [...]

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