3 Twitter Tools to Test

Here are 3 tools to enhance your twitter experience. Let me know if you use them already or have found better ways to achieve the same functionality.

I currently let friendfeed handle the linking of flickr uploads to twitter but it’s not ideal. FF alerts the world to my first uploaded image in any batch and I can’t control whether it should be twittered or not. Twittergram on the other hand will only set up a tweet post for images that I have tagged with the word twitter. That has another bonus – if I’ve bothered to tag the photo I will probably also have named it so it will prevent all those messy img2036.jpg style links.

TweetBeep can be a great ego boosting device, sending email notifications whenever you, your website or products are mentioned in a tweet. It’s even able to pull out your website address from a shortened URL, although the domain alerts are only available for premium subscriptions. Of course it doesn’t have to be all me,me,me you are at liberty to enter any search term of interest for your regular notifications.

Favrd is a website providing a time line of all the most favourited tweets and as such provides a very handy way to pick up a few more interesting tweeps to follow. I’ve just found the gay @DerrenBrown – welcome.