With sadness I cancelled my subscription to Hey.com email service today.


It’s a shame because I really have appreciated all the time that Hey has given me back in the morning. The time that I used to waste, clearing my inbox of drivel and getting sucked into reading newsletters at inappropriate times.

However, Hey.com had unforgiveable flaws and I can’t let another £100 slip out of my bank account while they have remained unaddressed for over a year.

There are a lot of problems with Hey, that were apparent from the off, such as:

  • filtering by email only when companies use the same addresses for account notifications and marketing
  • failure to handle autoresponders

But the biggest crime was the diabolical handling of The Feed.

The Feed which should be my favourite place to hang out when I have time to browse is just a teetering stack of stuff I’ve already read. Nothing happens to the email once I’ve read it and scrolled on. Maybe I get through 10 emails in one browse, I come back later and have to scroll back through those same ten to start back with something fresh. I find this totally unforgivable - I’m paying for this service and it’s not like it’s a revolutionary new idea to have scrollable news feed. So many interesting emails have remained unread this last year and I am sad about that.

I had already started allowing some newsletters to sneak back into my Imbox as I knew I would never see them in the Feed and now they just sit there, waiting for me.

I found Hey.com’s support team to be somewhat disengeniuos as well. When I asked them if there was a way to hide previously read feed items, they suggested that the very notion was something of a novelty. I’m in no doubt that they are fully aware of how shitty the Feed feature is. Anyone who has used that The Feed more than once would be irritated.

My Imbox is becoming a burden again and it’s time to say HEY, goodbye.

Now I’m on the hunt for a better email service, or maybe I just need to bite the bullet and start writing rules for my gmail account.