Help - I Accidentally Closed My Docker Terminal Window

I tend to run my docker containers in the foreground, which happens by default when you run docker-compose up. I am then rewarded with a steady stream of output from all my containers eg. elasticsearch, kibana, API etc. It can...

Git Diff and Patch

Last week I got myself into a complete git merge and rebase nightmare. It’s not all that unusual now that I’m using Git in the context of a team where we have multiple developers and branches at various steps removed...

Viewing Docker-Compose Logs

I’m running a series of apps (or services) using docker-compose. There’s the elastic stack of elastic, kibana and logstash, then a user interface and finally I’ve got an api sitting between the UI and elastic.

Follow the Tail

My command line skills are limited to the terms I learned while working my way through the excellent Command-Line Murder Mystery challenge.

Escaping Virtualenv Hell

Early in my developer career I was given some ‘rules’ for working with python that resulted in me having a near terror response whenever I considered starting a python project.

In-Situ Commit Squashing

Before creating a pull request you typically have to perform a rebase against the branch you are merging with (typically origin master), I’ve written a visual guide to that git-workflow process. Part of this rebase process allows you to cleanse...

In Praise of

If you want to attain mastery of anything you are going to have to accept that you start out being pretty useless. If your end goal falls under the remotely ‘challenging’ remit, then you need to accept that you will...

A Crisis of Coding Confidence

I’ve been dreading the new language week at Makers. Up until now I have probably been in the comfortably average camp in terms of my Ruby abilities. That position has given me confidence and space to breathe and the flexibility...

Starter Leavers Unite

In management speak, individuals can apparently be categorised into one of nine different Belbin personality types such as: Implementer, Co-ordinator and Resource-Investigator.

Controlling the Raspberry Pi from an iPad

After the frustrations of the first few days I am now coming on in leaps and bounds with the Raspberry Pi. Today I managed to set up my iPad so it can take control of the RPi. This means that...